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Windows 8 RSS Reader in Windows Store

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Speaking about it at Microsoft Gulf Windows 8 Dev Camp

This app has been featured in
Metro-Weekly Issue #9 by csell5

Blogged Metro RSS Reader: Free and open source Metro Application for Windows 8

Project Description
A RSS Feed Reader Window 8 Style App

This source code is written in C# and XAML and uses the Visual Studio Grid Layout template.


  • Extended Splash Screen
  • Passes all Windows ACK tests

  • All Items view shows top items from Categories view, Search fixed to include Categories view and have wrapped grid layout like rest of the app

  • Show/Hide and remove categories from the Settings Charm

  • Updated for Windows 8 Release Preview

  • Changed background and foreground colors
  • Used VariableSizeGrid layout to wrap blog posts with images
  • Sort items with Images first, text-only last
  • Enabled Caching to improve navigation between frames

  • All Items and Categories group view
  • Search capability via Charms

  • Clicking on any search result throws an error after navigation back to main view - fixed
  • Clicked item from search filter is not shown in details view - fixed
  • Filter is not maintained in the details view - fixed

  • Read more link on the details view
  • Search and filter within posts

  • Share via Charm to 'Mail' or any app that supports sharing (see screenshots below)

  • Reads a RSS or Atom feed on launch
  • Click to navigate to detail of a item
  • App bar for changing default Feed URL

Known Issues and Limitations
  • Frame titles disappear in snapped view

The main APIs are
  • Windows.Web.Syndication
  • Windows.Storage

Some XAML controls that it uses are


All items view

Categories view

Item details view

App bar for feed url

Sharing with Charms

Submitted by Zubair

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